Broadcast message

A broadcast message delivers an instance level message from the admin to all users.


Default broadcast message
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Numbered diagram of the broadcast message structure
Broadcast message structure
  1. Container: Wraps the content.
  2. Icon: The bullhorn icon indicates an announcement.
  3. Message: Text content indicating the purpose.
  4. Dismiss button (optional): Permanently removes the broadcast message for a user.


When to use

  • Make an announcement or provide a notification from an admin to all users within a single instance.

When not to use

  • If you need to provide a system generated, contextual, and timely message to a user, use an alert instead.
  • If you are immediately confirming a user's action while they remain in the same view, use a toast instead.


Background color is chosen by the admin from a set of swatches when creating the broadcast message.


Expires after a set period defined by the admin, but may also be dismissed by a user if the dismiss setting is enabled by the admin.


Contains a small amount of text content that uses the container width when user preference is set to use a fixed width layout.


  • At the top of every page.
  • Multiple broadcast messages stack vertically.


  • Part of the DOM order on load, and should flow in the natural reading order.
  • The dismiss button uses aria-label="Dismiss".

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