Primary typeface

Inter is the default typeface for all GitLab materials. It is an open source font and features a tall x-height to aid in readability. Although it comes in an array of weights, we only use Semi Bold and Regular to preserve simplicity.


Refer to the guidelines below when working with typography:

  • Alternate between different sizes and weights to establish layout hierarchy.
  • Keep the font size consistent within each block of copy.
  • Left-align all copy. Never force-justify, center-align, or right-align typography, unless the written language dictates otherwise.
  • Default to sentence case unless working with a tagline/headline or different tiers of information.
  • No ALL-CAPS please.
  • Keep text solid-filled and refrain from adding strokes to outline the type.
  • Display headlines should use Inter Semi Bold with 105% leading and -45 tracking (-4.5% in Figma).
  • Subheaders and intro/outro paragraphs should use Inter Regular with 110% leading, -20 tracking (-2% in Figma), and optical kerning.
  • Body copy should use Inter Regular with 135% leading, 0 tracking, and auto kerning.
  • Captions and labels should use Inter Italic with 135% leading, 0 tracking, and auto kerning.
  • Call-to-actions and buttons should use Inter Semi Bold.
Typography samples
Inter typography samples

Type repetitions

Type repetitions are a stylistic expression of GitLab’s commitment to iteration. It is reserved for moments of emphasis and adding visual interest.

Type repetitions mockup
Type repetitions mockup


Follow these guidelines to properly achieve the type repetitions effect:

  1. Type out a single word in Inter Semi Bold.
  2. Create a copy of the text and remove the bottom 1/4 of the text from the baseline.
  3. Take this newly redacted type and repeat it at least 3 times above the original text.
  4. Ensure that the vertical spacing between each repetition equals 75% of the bottom portion that was removed.
  5. Keep the font weight and color the same throughout, although opacity changes can be applied to the repetitions.
Type repetitions
Type repetition settings

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