Professional and productive

GitLab is an application to support what people do, day in, day out. We need to respect the importance of their work, and avoid gimicky details.

Minimal and efficient

While work can get complicated, GitLab is about bringing a sharp focus, helping our customers know what matters now.

Human and quirky

We need to build empathy with our users, understand their state of mind, and connect with them on a human level. Quirkiness is part of our DNA; we should embrace it in the right moments and contexts.

Immediately recognizable

When you look at any screen, you should know immediately that this is GitLab. Our personality is strong and consistent across product and marketing experiences.

Everyone can contribute

In an effort to continue improving our design system, we encourage any feedback and ideas! If you are interested in contributing, check out our guidelines to get started. Have any questions? Open an issue on our Design System issue tracker.