A loading indicator, such as a spinner, provides users with feedback when an interface is in an indeterminate state as a result of their action, to help manage their expectations. A loading indicator can be used to communicate:

  • Content is being loaded onto the page.
  • A background process is occurring.

A loading action, such as a 'Load more' button, gives users a sense of control when fetching more items and is used to:

  • Indicate more items are available for the current list.
  • Prepare the user for what is about to happen.
  • Empower the user to choose when loading occurs.

In Pajamas, the following methods indicate and initiate loading:

Loading animation and placeholders

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Loading more

The load more interaction is a more accessible alternative to infinite scroll. It allows a user to load more results by clicking a 'Load more' button. The button text can optionally include the number of items that will be loaded, for example, 'Load 20 more'.

The load more interaction can be used for a set of similar items:

  • With content that updates frequently.
  • Without sort or filter functionality.
  • That doesn't use pagination to provide a preset number of results per view.


  • The 'Load more' button is present at the end of a list only when there are more items available. The button is centered within the container and uses the default variant and small size.
  • Clicking the button loads more results inline and moves the button to the end of the list if there are more items that can be loaded.
  • After clicking the button, the user's current position is maintained by moving focus to the first element appended to the current items.
  • The number of initial results, and results that load after clicking the button, is adjustable based on the scenario. For example, it could be better to load 20 more single-line items, versus loading only 10 more multi-line items that would take more time to scan.
  • Loading more is a one-way action. If showing less is necessary, the expand and collapse behavior would be a better fit, like an accordion.

Progressive loading

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