Helping users

Help content should be used as a fallback to help users complete and better understand tasks, with the primary method of understanding being the UI itself. Embedding help content directly within the feature it serves is the best way to assist users who have hit a roadblock. Affordance is higher when help content is available in context.

Help comes in the form of various types of content designed to:

  • Assist users unable to complete a task.
  • Help users to understand a concept in more detail.
  • Provide additional technical details not available in the UI.

Formatting help content

If the most relevant information can be summarized succinctly, put the summary directly in the UI instead of using a help link. However, you can use a help link to provide supplemental information.

Help links open in a new tab. Doing so makes the result of clicking the links predictable and prevents users from needing to immediately navigate away from their task.

To learn how to link to GitLab docs in various programming languages, see Linking to /help.

Try phrasing the link as the question that will be answered by the linked content.

  • Example: A merge request approval is required when a security report contains a new vulnerability of high, critical, or unknown severity. Who can approve?

Learn more

If a question doesn't make sense, use the sentence, "Learn more." Do not use "More information" or other phrases, and always use a period. Add an aria-label with a full-sentence description for screen reader users.

  • Example: Approve a merge request. Learn more.
  • Make sure the period is part of the link text.

If the help content is outside of the GitLab instance (for example, content at, make that clear in the link text.

  • Example: For more integrations, go to GitLab’s website.
  • An external link icon can be added in place of more copy if space is tight.

Help icon

If that's not possible and space is tight, use the help icon that, when hovered or focused on, shows the summary in a popover. The popover title should be the question that is answered by the summary. A “Learn more” link can be added to the popover to associate additional, relevant information.

Use the outlined question-o.svg icon in $blue-600 (#1068bf)
Use the solid icon question.svg or a color other than blue
Popover with link to documentation
Show information in the popover with a link to documentation
Popover with link to documentation
Use the icon as a link or with a tooltip

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