All GitLab components follow an 8px spacing system. We’ve defined this as our memorable base number to build upon in order to establish spatial values that are utilized by every component. By following a set spatial convention, we decrease design complexity while increasing consistency across the application.

Geometric progression

We use 8px as the base for determining our spacial system. In order to create a scale that offers flexibility in spacing without providing an abundance of choices, we’ve defined a set of values using geometric progression: 8 * 2^n. We have augmented the progression in order to provide the flexibility that a complex application needs to accommodate a large amount of content. To do this, we’ve added values after 16px using n * 1.5, where n is the previous value from the geometric progression.

12px outlier

We include 12px as one of our measures, but it should only be reserved for right and left padding of horizontal tabs, buttons, and form elements. This special padding amount allows for better alignment of stacked items while giving elements enough room to breathe. 12px should not be using for any other measurement other than those defined here.


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Standard spacing guidelines

2px or 4px is used for spacing within a component.

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8px is used to separate related elements.

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16px is used to separate unrelated elements.

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24px is used to separate sub-sections of content.

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32x is used to separate sections of content.

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GitLab UI spacing variable conversion

The table below is a reference to assist with mapping the spacing rules to gitlab-ui variables.

The table is based on the configuration of 1rem = 16px and $grid-size = 8px.

Spacing variable namePixel size
$gl-spacing-scale-12 px
$gl-spacing-scale-24 px
$gl-spacing-scale-38 px
$gl-spacing-scale-412 px
$gl-spacing-scale-516 px
$gl-spacing-scale-624 px
$gl-spacing-scale-732 px
$gl-spacing-scale-840 px
$gl-spacing-scale-948 px
$gl-spacing-scale-1056 px
$gl-spacing-scale-1164 px
$gl-spacing-scale-11-572 px
$gl-spacing-scale-1280 px
$gl-spacing-scale-1396 px
$gl-spacing-scale-15120 px
$gl-spacing-scale-20160 px
NOTE: Anytime you see a spacing variable, the number will correspond with the spacing scale here. For example, .gl-pr-4 uses $gl-spacing-scale-4 which equals 12px .

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