A toast displays a short system message as a result of a user's action.


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Numbered diagram of a toast structure
Toast structure
  1. Container: Wraps the content.
  2. Message: Text content indicating the purpose and potential next steps.
  3. Action (optional): A single text action a user can take based on the content of the toast.
  4. Dismiss button: Removes the toast for a user.


When to use

  • Provide a contextual message based on a user's action in the same view the action took place.

When not to use

  • If you need to communicate an error to a user, consider using a danger or warning alert instead.
  • If there's a page refresh, or a message needs to be communicated after a user visits a new page, consider using an alert instead.
  • If the action is irreversible, consider using a modal instead.


  • A toast appears with an ease-in animation from the bottom of the viewport after a user's action.
  • A user can dismiss the toast by clicking the “dismiss” icon button.
  • If left alone, a toast without an action will disappear after five seconds.
  • Hovering over a toast causes it to remain until the cursor is moved.
  • A toast with an action is only dismissed when a user does one of the following:
    • Clicks the action.
    • Clicks the dismiss button.
    • Navigates to another page.


  • The message should be a concise full sentence that ends with a period.


  • Centered at the bottom of the viewport for smaller breakpoints and bottom left of the viewport for larger breakpoints.
  • Multiple toasts stack vertically from top to bottom with the oldest on top.


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