Component status

Components and their variants have statuses reflecting their state of completion, documented on this page.
Check back here anytime to see current component status information.

See more detailed progress on our Design System issue tracker.


Icon Status Description
🚫 Upcoming Planned, not started yet
⚠️ In progress Not finished yet
🆕 New Newly available, implement with caution
Implemented Ready to use


Foundations Status
Iconography ⚠️
Motion ⚠️
Illustration ⚠️
Typography ⚠️
Saving and feedback 🚫
Component Status
Regions Status
Empty states ⚠️
Filters ⚠️
Navigation ⚠️
Search ⚠️
Content Status
Voice & tone ⚠️
Terminology ⚠️
Punctuation ⚠️
Usability Status
Accessibility 🚫
Internationalization 🚫
Helping users ⚠️