Component status

Components and their variants have statuses reflecting their state of completion, documented on this page.
Check back here anytime to see current component status information.

See more detailed progress on our Design System issue tracker.


Icon Status Description
🚫 Upcoming Planned, not started yet
⚠️ In progress Create, Build, and Style stages are not yet finished
Built Complete and ready to use but not yet in production
Integrated Integrated into production
Deprecated No longer in use
Icon Badge Description
🆕 New Newly available, integrate with caution
Vue Vue component Exists within GitLab-UI


Foundations Status
Iconography ⚠️
Illustration ⚠️
Motion ⚠️
Saving and feedback 🚫
Typography ⚠️
Component Status
Alert Vue
Avatar Vue
Badge Vue
Breadcrumb Vue
Broadcast message Vue
Button Vue
Card 🚫
Charts Vue
Checkbox Vue
Data Table 🚫
Data Visualization Vue
Date picker Vue
Dropdowns Vue
File uploader 🚫
Forms Vue
Infinite scroll Vue
Labels Vue
Modals Vue
Pagination Vue
Popover Vue
Progress Bars 🚫 Vue
Radio buttons Vue
Search Vue
Segmented control Vue
Skeleton Loader Vue
Spinner Vue
Tables Vue
Tabs Vue
Toast Vue
Toggles Vue
Token Vue
Tooltip Vue
Regions Status
Empty states ⚠️
Filters ⚠️
Navigation ⚠️
Search ⚠️
Content Status
Voice & tone ⚠️
Terminology ⚠️
Punctuation ⚠️
Usability Status
Accessibility 🚫
Internationalization 🚫
Helping users ⚠️