A banner promotes awareness of a new feature or high-priority research initiative.


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Numbered diagram of a banner structure
  1. Container: Wraps the content.
  2. Illustration (optional): Compliments the content.
  3. Title: Header for the content.
  4. Message: Text content indicating the purpose and potential next steps.
  5. Dismissal: Removes the banner for a user.
  6. Action: A single button to provide an explicit action the user can take based on the message.


When to use

A banner should be used sparingly and with consideration of its impact to neighboring components and the overall user experience to:

  • Inform a user of a feature that isn't enabled.
  • Promote a new feature.
  • Solicit user feedback.

When not to use

  • If you need to communicate that a feature hasn't been configured or used, consider using an empty state instead.
  • If you're giving tips and hints for an existing or established feature, consider the tip alert variant instead.
  • If you need to communicate system status, consider using an alert instead.
  • If a user can't take immediate action, activate a feature, or benefit from the content, then the banner shouldn't be displayed.


  • Introduction: Provide a basic introduction to help users get started with an existing feature. Illustration optional.
  • Promotion: A promotional message to encourage exploring or upgrading to a new feature. Illustration optional.


  • A banner can always be dismissed.
    • It doesn't reappear by default, but in rare circumstances the banner can reappear after 7 days have passed.
  • The action should direct a user to one of the following:
    • Docs for an installation guide.
    • Where they can upgrade their plan to enable a feature.
    • A format for contributing or providing feedback.


  • Title should be concise and indicate the purpose of the banner.
  • The message describes the benefits of performing the action.
  • An optional illustration to support the message uses the medium illustration size.


  • When an illustration is used, it should be hidden from screen readers with aria-hidden="true".

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