Alerts allow the application to pass along relevant information to the user without impeding their journey. Alerts are not error validations and should not be used as a substitute for errors.


Component typePurpose
Danger alertsTo be used for critical warnings that require the user's attention.
Warning alertsTo be used for other non-critical warnings that require the users attention.
Information alertsTo be used to display important information to the user related to their task.
Tip alertsTo be used to display tips on using GitLab, new/unused features, and other marketing information.
Success alertsTo be used to alert the user that the action they have completed was successful.


The alert pattern is designed to be flexible and accounts for as many use cases as possible.

An example of a live alert related to a usage guideline.

Design specifications

Color, spacing, dimension, and layout specific information pertaining to this component can be viewed using the following link:

Sketch Measure Preview for Alerts

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